The Whippany Train Museum In New Jersey

The Whippany Museum is an authentic railroad museum and tour trip train tour located within the Whippany section of Hanover Township, Morris County, New Jersey. It is one of the New Jersey state parks. The beautiful locomotive depot was built in 1924 and is open to the public. The Depot is one of the favorite places for railroad enthusiasts, holiday makers, and visitors to New Jersey. You can view many vintage locomotives here.

Whippany museum

There is an assortment of train memorabilia and photographs available for purchase at the Whippany Museum. They feature a wide variety of trains such as the Acebeam, the Santa Fe, the New Jersey Central Express, and the Rock Cats. In addition to trains, you will also find cars of all types and eras. These include a restored Model train passenger car, original leather and fabric covered Model train coach, and a historic Lincoln coach. These historic coaches bring to life the experiences that were shared by the early settlers of New Jersey as they made their way through what is now New York City.

If you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, you may want to visit the Ledyard station, which is also part of the museum. Built in 1856, the wye pier was one of the last train stations built in New Jersey. The original wooden buildings on the station have been restored to their original appearance. You will also see a replica of the whipping caboose that served passengers as a means of transportation on the New Jersey Central Railroad. The caboose is one of the most popular locomotives from this era and also serves as a part of the attraction at the museum.

Within the Museum, you will find a recreation of the Passaic and Atlantic Railroad. Here you will be able to view model train kits of both the New Jersey Central Railroad and the Loneyard & Atlantic Railroad. Both these railroads served passengers for several years, with the New Jersey Central Railroad ending in 1874. The Loneyard & Atlantic Railroad, which are part of the Hudson Line Railroad, operated between New York and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Whippany Electric Excursion Railroad is another attraction within the Museum. This excursion railroad runs from the Manhattan ferry to the quarry in West Hempstead, New Jersey. This unique excursion railroad offers three different routes that will take you through the natural and historic environment of New Jersey. In addition to the three unique routes, the Whippany also offers four themed areas to visit within the Museum. These areas include:

For people who are looking for a unique place to go and spend their vacation, the Whippany museum would be the perfect location. Within its grounds, visitors will find many types of exhibits and memorabilia to choose from. If one were to want to see a particular aspect of New Jersey’s history, such as the French Canadian settlement that took place here, they can see it all there is to see in just one trip through the Whippany. No matter what one desires to see and do while in Hanover, the Whippany Railway Museum will allow them to have a great time while in town. Even though it may be hot, it is spring time in New Jersey and spending time at the Whippany Railway Museum will make the trip well worth it.