The Steam Train Museum in Spencer, New Jersey

steam train museum

The steam train museum is a place where you can experience the history of steam railways. It’s a place where you can see the machines that built our country and it’s a place where you can get lost in the past.

The museum contains 19 locomotives that span the entire history of steam technology from its early years in the 19th century to its apogee in the 1940s. From small freight engines to million-pound, articulated cab-forward locomotives, the museum’s collection tells the story of steam and how it changed the world!

It is home to one of the largest collections of steam locomotives in the United States. The locomotives range in size from the diminutive Southern Pacific No. 1 to the enormous Duluth, Missabe and Iron Range #227, Mallet.

In addition to displaying a number of steam locomotives, the museum has a large collection of railroad cars as well. Among its most notable items are the Louisville and Nashville Railroad Post Office car, Erie Business Car #3 and the former Pennsylvania Railroad caboose.

You can also take a ride on one of the many passenger trains that run through the museum. This is a great way to see the museum and the surrounding area.

The museum is located on the grounds of a former Southern Railway steam locomotive repair shop in Spencer, New Jersey. Today it is the oldest steam train museum in North America and sees tens of thousands of visitors each year.

There are three main areas in the museum; The History Museum, the Bob Julian Roundhouse, and the Flue Shop. There is also a small museum garden with a 7+/4 in (184 mm) gauge ridable miniature railway.

This is a very unique and interesting museum that is also the largest of its kind in the United States. It is located at the former site of Southern Railway’s largest steam locomotive repair shop in Spencer, New Jersey and has three buildings that are used for display, including the Bob Julian Roundhouse, the Flue Shop, and the Master Mechanics Shop.

In addition to displaying dozens of steam locomotives and railroad cars, the museum also has a full-scale replica of the 1904 Whippany station. The station has been restored and is a popular destination for visitors wanting to experience the history of the railroad.

It is a fantastic place to learn about the history of steam railways and to enjoy a fun day out with your family. The museum is open to the public and there are a variety of different events that take place throughout the year.

The locomotives that are on display at the museum come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have been chosen for their historical significance. Those that were on the front lines of war and those that were used for industrial switching and heavy freight are especially important, as are the surviving examples of the first modern steam locomotives.

There are a few museums that have dedicated themselves to the preservation of steam locomotives and other railroad artifacts. The California State Railroad Museum is one of these museums and has a very large collection of locomotives, which are currently being restored or displayed. The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin is another museum that has a large locomotive collection. It is a very interesting and informative museum that has been open to the public since 1953.