Train Museums in New Jersey

train museums nj

Visiting train museums in New Jersey is a great way to learn about the history of the rail industry. These museums feature historic railcars and models, as well as themed rides and exhibits. The holidays are especially special for train lovers, as many parks offer special rides, including holiday-themed train rides.

The Morris County Central Railroad was a short-lived railroad that operated for 15 years in Morris County, New Jersey. It served as an excursion railroad for tourists, connecting Essex Falls to Morristown, New Jersey. The railroad was founded by Earle H. Gil, Sr., a Parsippany resident. Gil was an aerospace technician and hoped that the railroad would be financially successful.

In the late 1950s, Gil had the idea of running steam excursion trains. At that time, the conventional steam railroad operations were quickly fading away. He wanted to create a financially successful heritage railroad, which would give travelers a chance to experience the railroad as it was during its heyday.

The United Railroad Historical Society of New Jersey is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization. Its mission is to preserve the largest collection of historic New Jersey-centric locomotives and rail cars. There are three locations in New Jersey. You can find them at the Morris County Central Railroad, Whippany Railway Museum, and the Underground Railroad Museum.

The Whippany Railway Museum is located in the Whippany section of Hanover Township in Morris County, New Jersey. The museum is operated by volunteers and has an extensive collection of rail artifacts. The museum is free for all ages. The museum features dozens of historic railcars, including several vintage steam locomotives. The museum also has a gift shop and offers train rides.

The Morris Museum features a train set that is 300 square feet of history. This piece of history was donated to the museum by Kraft Foods in December 2012. The museum also has a model train layout, restored cabooses, and railroad memorabilia. The museum is located in the Maywood Freight House, which was originally built as a train station in 1872. The museum is run by a volunteer group and the exhibits are updated to reflect local history. The museum is open to the public on Sundays, from noon to 4 pm.

The United Railroad Historical Society of New NJ has been searching for a building to house its collection of railroad artifacts. It has a website where you can learn more about tours and events. It also has a page that will expire.

The Underground Railroad Museum is an independent organization that is separate from the County Parks System. The museum has a website that includes tour information and a history of the railroad. Besides the museum, the park system also features a number of miniature locomotives and other railroad artifacts.

The Delaware River Railroad Excursions is located in Phillipsburg, New Jersey. The railroad offers fun train rides throughout the year. They have special train rides, including the Christmas Express, Haunted Express, and the Great Pumpkin Train. You can purchase tickets for these trains in advance.