Visit Museums All Over the World on Your Next Tour

Egypt is one of the countries that possess several priceless antiquities in its museums. There are several museums all around the world that exhibit different kinds of antiquities from different parts of the world. Egypt is one of the major attractions and tourist spot in Europe. You can visit Egypt any time during your vacation to explore this place with your whole family. Some of the famous museums that are found in Egypt are the Egyptian Museum, Coptic Museum, Saudi Arabia Museum, The Temple of Luxor, Fustat Museum, The Abu Simbel Museum, The Karnak Temple, The Qasr al-Nour Mosque and the Ajanta Museum. All these places are admired by the tourists from all over the world.

museum all over the world

The Egyptian Museum in Cairo is one of the best museums in the city that contains a huge collection of antiquities and it attracts tourists all through the year. It houses a variety of antique finds, mostly coming from the fifteen to two thousand years old periods. This museum also has a wide range of artifacts like sculptures, papyrus, furniture and other curiosities. The most important feature of this museum is that they have their own exhibit cases where you can view the beautiful objects in their original surroundings. The visitors can walk along the galleries and can have a look at the objects in a different angle, as there is no direct sunlight in these exhibit cases. In the Egyptian Museum there is a lot of antique fountain that gives an attractive sight to the visitors.

Coptic Museum is another important attraction in Cairo that exhibits different kinds of antiquities. This museum also has some fine examples of religious statues, funerary stone decorations and other items made by the ancient Egyptians. This museum mainly preserves religious artifacts of various periods like the period of Pharaohs, Ptolemaic period, Second Dynasty and the early period. Other important museums that are located near to Coptic Museum are The Jewish Museum and The Red Sea Museum.

The Islamic Museum is another place where people from all over the world come to study about the ancient Egyptian artifacts. This museum has wide ranges of objects depicting different phases of the history of Egypt. It has some very fine examples of Egyptian royal architecture, mostly in the field of jewelry. The museum also has the sarcophagus of a mummy depicting the life of Tutankhamen, the father of Egyptian pharaohs.

The Manchester Museum is one of the most prominent museums in England. It houses some of the world-class masterpieces and antique jewelries. It also has some very famous artifacts that come from the Mesopotamia region. These include the golden stater, ivory mask and other masterpieces that are internationally renowned.

The British Museum is home to another famous museum namely The National Gallery. This is a complete repository of some of the world’s famous paintings and artifacts. This museum also houses some of the rare antiques and you can see paintings here that are almost 2 thousand years old. When you visit this museum, make sure that you take along your laptop or tablet computer so that you can download all the amazing online galleries where you can see paintings and other rare pieces of art.