Whippany Actuation Systems

whippany actuation systems

Whippany Actuation Systems, headquartered in Hanover Township, New Jersey, United States provides electromechanical actuation systems. The Company manufactures and supports electric actuation components like control electronics, motors and high-power mechanical transmissions for aerospace applications. It develops flight control products that support commercial aircraft, rotorcraft, unmanned systems and missiles. Its solutions include primary and emergency landing gear and door release, free-fall sequencing actuation and more. Whippany Actuation Systems also offers engineering, design and repair services.

Aircraft actuators perform critical functions including adjusting flight control surfaces like elevators, rudders, ailerons and flaps; positioning thrust reversers and engine inlet guide vanes; extending and retracting the landing gear; and opening cargo or weapons bay doors. Actuation technologies have evolved from manual sources such as cables and rods to hydraulically- and electrically- driven solutions. Each watt of power and ounce of weight consumed increases the cost to operate an aircraft, so the actuation technology chosen needs to balance force and velocity specifications with total cost of ownership considerations.

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