Whippany Actuation Systems

Whippany Actuation Systems designs and manufactures electro-mechanical actuation components, systems and subsystems for commercial and military applications. It serves clients in the United States. The Company’s motion-control subsystems include control electronics, motors, high-power mechanical transmissions and actuators. It also provides mechanical interconnects that connect power drives to actuators, brakes and position sensors. Its aerospace electromechanical actuators are designed for increased precision and efficiency with low energy consumption, reduced maintenance and lower weight.

About Whippany Actuation Systems

The aviation & aerospace sector is the most common industry for actuation system companies. Founded in 1997, Whippany Actuation Systems is headquartered in Hanover Township, New Jersey, United States. Its key technologies include telemetry, control electronics and aerospace electromechanical actuators. Its website can be found at www.whippany-actuation.com.