Whippany Museum Has a Running Train That You Can Ride

Whippany museum

Whippany museum is a great place for a family outing, not only is it a nice place to visit but they also have a running train that you can ride on! It isn’t a very large museum but it has plenty of items for you to look at.

The Museum is open every Sunday from Noon until 4 PM and admission fees help to support the Historic Preservation efforts, as well as building and grounds maintenance. Adults are $1 and children under 12 are 50 cents.

You can also buy a ticket and take a ride down the tracks on certain dates throughout the year. This is a fun way to spend time with your kids as they will be able to interact with the conductor and other train hand. You will get to see what the railroads looked like when they were first built and how they have changed in the years since.

If you are a child or if you are a young adult, this is an experience that you will never forget! This is a show that has been around for a while now and they have really done a great job in creating the experience and making it enjoyable. The staff are really friendly and will be able to answer any questions you might have while on the train.

There is so much to see at this museum it is very easy to get lost for hours! The interior of the Museum is full of displays that will teach you about different parts of a train and how they work. There is also a great display about how the trains used to be when they were new and what it was like for people traveling on the rails back then.

They have the largest collection of American built standard gauge steam locomotives in New Jersey. You can ride aboard one of them and marvel at the beautiful engines and their amazing power.

The oldest steam locomotive still on the track is Southern Railway No. 387 that was built in 1907 for fast freight service. This engine will soon return to operation at the Whippany museum for visitors to enjoy!

There are a lot of different train cars to explore as well. You can actually take a tour of some of them and learn about how they are being restored. I did this last time I was there and it was very interesting!

If you are interested in learning more about the trains at the museum, make sure to check out their website. They have a lot of information about them as well as how they are being restored and what the plans are for the future.

You can also see the polar express on certain rides which is a great experience for families! It is a 45 minute ride that takes you up and down the tracks. You can even have your picture taken with the train! It’s a fun experience and you can’t beat the price!