Whippany Actuation Systems

whippany actuation systems

Whippany Actuation Systems provides electrical components and actuation system solutions. The Company serves clients in the United States.

About Whippany Actuation Systems

New Jersey-based Whippany Actuation Systems manufactures electromechanical actuation systems and subsystems for aerospace and defense industries. Its products include control electronics, motors, high-power mechanical transmissions and actuators.

The Company’s business model is based on an integrated approach to delivering cost-effective solutions and services. Its core product lines are linear and rotary electrochemical actuation systems.

Whippany Actuation Systems has headquarters in Hanover Township, New Jersey. The company focuses on the aviation & aerospace sector.

Employees at Whippany Actuation Systems are empowered to make decisions and take action. The company’s culture is one of accountability and ownership, which encourages employees to develop and implement strategic plans.

What are the top 3 things you think customers should know about Whippany Actuation Systems?

The company aims to become the world leader in the design and manufacturing of electromechanical actuation systems. To help achieve this goal, Whippany Actuation Systems has developed a variety of innovative actuation technologies that can be used in various aerospace and defense applications.

How to automate your factory using a collaborative robot

When Whippany Actuation Systems was struggling to meet customer demand for specialized parts, they knew they needed a way to increase productivity quickly. They were faced with three options: buy a new CNC machine, outsource the work or introduce automation.

After researching options for a while, Whippany Actuation Systems decided to buy a Universal Robots collaborative system. The robot would be capable of taking a blank from the production line, converting it into a gear, deburring and relocating it, all while a CNC machine was still running. That approach saved the company tens of thousands of dollars, which resulted in improved margins.