Whippany Museum in New Jersey

Whippany museum

The Whippany museum in New Jersey is a fun place to visit with your children. Located in the town of Whippany it brings the history of trains to life. The museum is a great place to learn about the different eras of train travel in the United States and how it has evolved over time.

The Museum has a large interactive model train in the center of the museum that kids can use to navigate the train through a number of villages. The model also has a number of buttons that kids can press to cause various aspects of the model to come to life.

In addition to the model train in the museum there are also many other interesting train related items that can be seen throughout the museum. This includes a number of train engines as well as some of the old freight houses that were used to transport cargo over the rails.

There is also a room in the museum that is filled with train memorabilia from different eras of the railroad. There are dishes that were used in train dining cars from 100 years ago and photos of the trains that traveled the area.

Another great feature of the museum is that they have a train yard with several antique trains that they have restored. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon with your family and check out all the different types of train cars that they have collected over the years.

This museum has been around since 1965 and is a great place to visit for anyone who loves to learn about the history of trains in the United States. They have a variety of events and special train rides that they have every year, so make sure to check them out!

During the winters they also arrange excursion rail rides where guests can hop into an extravagant club wagon or ride in a time-worn cabin. It’s a really neat experience for all the family and you can even see some of these trains when they are in operation!

The train museum has been around for over fifty years and has been dedicated to preserving the history of trains in the state of New Jersey. They have a great collection of railroad artifacts as well as the largest collection of American built standard gauge steam locomotives in New Jersey!

They also have a number of different cabooses that they have restored so you can take a look at what it was like to travel in a caboose during the golden era of trains. They are a must stop when visiting the museum for any train enthusiast!

The museum is open on Sundays from April through October, and admission is only $2 for adults and $1 for children. This helps support their historic preservation efforts as well as the maintenance of the buildings, grounds and the rolling stock. It’s a small fee but worth it!