Whippany Museum – A Place Where History Comes to Life

Whippany museum

The Whippany museum is a place where history comes to life. This non-profit railway museum is the perfect spot for train enthusiasts to visit. It has been preserving some of New Jersey’s railroad history since 1965. It is a family friendly destination and is the perfect place to create memories that last a lifetime.

The museum is home to a 1904 freight house with its outstanding collection of rail and transportation memorabilia as well as dozens of historic railcars and exhibits. It has been able to achieve all of this through the hard work of its dedicated group of volunteers and the tremendous support of the visiting public.

It has also been able to continue to grow and expand its collection over the years. In early 2011, the museum was able to receive a proclamation from the New Jersey State Assembly for its preservation efforts and its ability to host events and excursion trains for locals and tourists alike.

Whippany is also the location of one of the largest collections of American-built standard gauge steam locomotives displayed in the state. Several locomotives are on display in the museum, and all are available to ride on excursion trains. The museum is also home to an extensive outdoor collection of signals, railroad signs and replicas of railroad buildings. It is also home to a classic wooden water tank, which was used to fill the tenders of steam locomotives.

While the museum has many things to see and do, it is the train rides that bring people back year after year. These unique trips are a great way to experience what the past looked like and how it has affected our country as we continue to move forward. This is a perfect way to show your children that not all of the past was bad, but that it helped us to get where we are today.

The newest addition to the Museum fleet is Car 2454, which was built in 1884 for the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad as an advertising car. It was designed by John T. Beatty to promote a campaign that featured the fictional character Miss Phoebe Snow, who was the first woman created by a railroad to serve as an advertising spokesperson. The car has been fully restored and will be repainted to the green and gold paint scheme that was worn by the Morris County Central tourist railroad 50 years ago.

The train ride is a fundraiser for the Museum, which is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit Operating Heritage Railroad comprised of New Jersey-related rail and transportation artifacts that is entirely staffed by Volunteers. The funds from the museum’s excursion train rides will help to further enhance this unique New Jersey treasure and its historic preservation efforts.