Whippany Museum – Step Back in Time

For over fifty years families and history buffs have made the trip to Whippany museum. The non-profit, historical society offers a unique opportunity to step back in time and learn about the past through a variety of historic railroad and train cars. Visitors can climb aboard for a 45-minute train ride and experience the past like never before. The museum also offers several excursions throughout the year that are sure to make anyone feel like they are stepping into the pages of history.

The museum is home to the largest collection of standard gauge steam locomotives and rail cars in New Jersey. The pristine collection of locomotives and cars include Southern Railway No. 385, built in 1907 for fast freight service; Texaco Fireless Cooker No. 7240, built in 1937 for industrial switching duty; and many others. Each piece of equipment is restored and maintained to its former glory by the dozens of volunteers who volunteer their time each week. The museum has a variety of exhibits and educational materials to help guests understand the history of each car.

As a family friendly attraction, the museum is home to the largest miniature train set in the state. This exhibit allows visitors to take a close look at each part of the trains and how they work. Guests can even use the controls to operate the trains and take them on a ride around the track. The museum also has a number of other railroad and train themed activities and attractions for kids to enjoy as well.

Whippany Museum was founded in 1965 and started as a railway that offered steam-powered excursion trains for tourist transportation. Since its founding the museum has been a mainstay in New Jersey and is still run by dedicated volunteers. The non-profit has continued to thrive over the years and continues to expand its collection of railroad history.

The museum’s main mission is to preserve the history of railroads and train travel in New Jersey. In order to do so the museum needs to continue to raise money through fundraisers such as their excursion train rides. During these events the museum seeks donations from the public to fund their preservation and restoration efforts. The money raised during these events will be put towards restoring Central Railroad of New Jersey Coach #1001. Donations are tax deductible. In addition to helping the museum restore this historic passenger car, any additional funds raised will go toward other ongoing equipment restoration projects at the museum. All of this helps to ensure that the museum is able to maintain its 501(c) 3 status and keep the collection of railroad and train cars in the best possible condition.