Whippany Museum

Whippany museum

Whippany Museum

The Whippany Museum is located in the township of Hanover, New Jersey. During your visit to the museum, you can enjoy an excursion train ride on the railway tracks or ride the historic steam engine. The location is convenient for visitors from across the country. You can find parking near the train station and free parking in the vicinity. You can also enjoy the railway scenery on a walk to the museum. The site is accessible by car and public transportation.

While there are other things to do in Whippany, you may want to spend the day touring the Museum’s locomotives. The museum has the largest collection of standard gauge steam locomotives in New Jersey. It also has two operational model train layouts. You can also take your family and friends to the railway museum’s gift shop and snack depot. It is recommended that you arrive at least half an hour before closing time. Then, enjoy your time visiting the Railway Museum.

The museum features a number of historical exhibits about railroads. It has the largest collection of American-built standard gauge steam locomotives in New Jersey. It also has two working model train layouts. The museum has full restrooms and picnic facilities. You can visit with your family and friends and spend a few hours in the museum. The Whippany Railway Museum is a place where you can experience the atmosphere of the early 1900’s.

The museum is a great place to take the family for a day. It’s free to visit and has many educational exhibits. You can also take a train ride on one of the trains. The Whippany Museum also has a unique gift shop and offers regular special events throughout the year. During the winter months, you can experience an excursion rail ride while you’re there. The Bunny train express runs during Easter and has a miniature version for children to enjoy. The railway museum is also home to a large collection of old railway equipment.

The Whippany Museum also has several trains for children to enjoy. The Whippany Valley Railroad is the largest O-Gauge model train layout in New Jersey. The 30 foot-long track is filled with interactive accessories and is a popular spot for children. Its exhibits are interactive and educational, and the museum hosts many special events throughout the year. You’ll be sure to enjoy a visit to this fascinating site.

The Whippany Museum is a great place to learn about railroad history. You’ll find the largest collection of standard-gauge steam locomotives in New Jersey at the Whippany Museum. There are also several exhibits on railroad history. The restrooms and gift shop are available for you to purchase gifts. If you’re visiting the museum with a family, you can plan a picnic at the park. The picnic area provides a great place to sit and relax with friends.