Whippany, NJ on a Map

whippany nj county

Whippany, NJ is located in Morris County, New Jersey. You can find it on a map. You can also learn about the city’s history and places to visit. The following article provides information on places to visit in Whippany. You can also save directions for future use.

Map of Morris County

The first wall map of Morris County features detailed plans of both Morristown and Dover. The map shows five buildings in Morristown, including the county courthouse, which is one of the finest examples of a Federal-style public building in New Jersey.

Location of Whippany

Whippany is located in Morris County. Its name comes from an aboriginal word, “Whippanong,” a dialect of the Lenape tribe. It means “place of arrow wood.” These arrows are made from the native black willow tree and the tall cattail stalks that grow there.

History of Whippany

The history of Whippany, New Jersey County can be traced back to the 18th century. The town was the home of the first church in Morris County. This congregation was also responsible for the creation of the town’s school system. This school building, which has a long frame construction, was constructed in 1807, and has been enlarged several times. It also has an upper story, which was once used as a masonic lodge.

Places to visit in Whippany

Whippany, NJ has a lot to offer its residents. Aside from its beautiful river, this town has a great museum, a local library, and a baseball stadium. There are also numerous parks and golf courses.

Schools in Whippany

If you’re thinking of moving to Whippany, NJ, you might be wondering about the schools available. The city is home to 4 public and 4 private schools. The schools are rated an average of 7 by GreatSchools. You might also want to check out the employment market to see what types of jobs are available in the area.

Restaurants in Whippany

Whippany is a small town in Morris County, New Jersey. The town got its name from the Whippanong Native Americans who lived along the Whippany River. The best place to try authentic Mexican food in Whippany is Don Jose, which is a Mexican restaurant that serves Mexican food and has traditional decor. The restaurant also offers good service and homemade chips and salsa. Moreover, the restaurant is clean and has large portions.

Places to stay in Whippany

Whippany, NJ County offers a number of excellent choices for hotels. You’ll find several luxury hotels here, as well as budget-friendly lodging options. Whether you’re traveling for a business conference, family vacation, or leisure trip, you’ll be able to find a place to meet your needs.