Whippany Train – A Journey Through the Past

whippany train

If you’re interested in a journey through the past, consider boarding the Whippanong Valley Railroad, which once served the metropolitan and New Jersey regions. The tour includes vintage cabooses from the railroad’s golden age, as well as a 10-mile excursion from Whippany to Roseland. This is a wonderful activity for the whole family. In addition to historical attractions, the Whippany Train also offers a variety of educational programs for children.

Whippanong Valley Railroad

If you love trains, you will enjoy the “O” gauge model railroad at the Whippany Railway Museum. You can ride on model freight trains and passenger trains while exploring a reconstructed railroad depot built in the mid-19th century. The museum even has its own water tank and a fieldstone depot from the old Whippany & Erie railroad system. The museum is located at a beautiful park in Whippany, New Jersey, so you’re bound to have a great time at this popular tourist attraction.

George Pullman

During the Panic of 1893, George Pullman lowered wages and increased working hours for his employees. As a result, Pullman’s workers were forced to strike and demand better wages and working conditions. The protest turned into a national crisis that led to violence and destruction of property. The number of workers who walked off the job reached over 40,000, and many lost their lives. This article discusses the Pullman workers’ strike and its impact on railroad unions.

The Bergstrom-Shaw children

The Bergstrom-Shaw children have performed on stage and in front of the camera. Katia has been featured in commercials and public service announcements. She has also appeared on the Polar Express Train Ride organized by Rail Events Productions. The children act out the story during the two-hour train ride. While the children are on board the train, they are treated to hot chocolate and souvenir sleigh bells.

The excursion train

The Whippany Railway Museum is a museum and excursion train located in the town of Hanover Township, Morris County, New Jersey. You can take the train ride on Sundays and visit the railway museum on Wednesdays. You’ll also be able to explore the town’s historic buildings, which include a 19th century train depot. While the railroad is a museum, it also serves as a working railway.

Ticket prices

Tickets are available for the excursion trains at the Whippany Railway Museum. Tickets include admission to the Museum building and grounds. Inside, visitors will find displays about the railroad’s history, steam ship memorabilia, and model trains. There is a gift shop as well. Train rides are offered on select Sundays. The excursion trains feature restored vintage cabooses from the area’s rail lines. You can take the train back in time to 1964 when the Beatles arrived.