Whippany Train Museum

whippany train

The Whippany Railway Museum has a lot to offer the whole family! Located in the town of Whippany, New Jersey, the train museum has a lot of things to offer including a large interactive model train that is geared towards kids. This model has buttons on every corner of the train to push and turn on different aspects of the train. It even has stools for smaller visitors to get a better view of the train.

There are many exhibits that are displayed in the museum that tells you the history of train stations. They show you what was the way that trains worked and how it changed from being just a means of transportation for products to a sleek and modern form of transport. They also have displays that explain how trains operated and their equipment. They also have displays on indoor dining and manners that were done in railcars for a time when they were a luxury form of travel.

Another thing that this train museum has to offer is a lot of historic artifacts. You can see old train cars and all the classic railway signs that were around back then.

The main building is an old freight house that has been saved from demolition and turned into a museum. This is a must see for anyone who loves train history! The old train cars that are displayed here are amazing and a must to see.

On certain weekends throughout the year you can take a ride in a train that is on the property of this train museum. The trains run every 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, & 4:00 PM and are a 45 minute round trip. You can purchase your tickets online up until one hour before departure.

I had the pleasure of visiting this train museum a few years ago and it was really awesome. The museum is located inside of an old freight house and it had a lot to offer for the whole family. This is a hidden gem that is not easily found on the internet.

When I first arrived at this museum I was a bit overwhelmed as I did not know what to expect but the volunteers were great and they helped me find my way around the place. They were very friendly and told me all about the train and the history of the building. They also gave me a tour of the train as well which was incredibly detailed and interesting.

It was really a nice experience and I will definitely visit again soon. The train is a must for any train enthusiast and the entire place is so much fun for the entire family.

You can ride the train for just $11 on Sundays or for $24 during the week. This includes a round trip ride and a scoop of ice cream after the ride.

The train rides are a wonderful way to spend an afternoon with the kids and teach them about history. They will have fun on the train and play with restored equipment. The museum has a great gift shop and a snack depot.